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Issuing time:2018-03-09 15:55

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July 14th

WCA2017 Americas Qualifiers Heats Upthe Summer

WCA2017 Overseas Tournament has kicked off region by region. Afterthe start of WCA2017 APAC Qualifiers in June, WCA2017 Americas Qualifiers is onits way. The tournament includes DOTA2 and CS:GO, lasting 5 months and coveringboth North and South America.

WCA2017 Americas Open Qualifiers is divided into North AmericaSection and South America Section, each with S1, S2 tournament seasons. Thewinners of each season will then fight for the invitation to WCA2017 GrandFinals at Yinchuan at the finals of each section, battling for the ultimatechampionship against the other teams from other continents

The Open Qualifiers Season 1 CS:GO South America is done!Teams competed in a fair, responsible and friendly environment, the winners ofS1 CSGO SA are:

The Open Qualifiers Season 1 South America Dota2 and the Season1 North America CS:GO starts at July 14th. WCA2017 America OpenQualifiers Season 2 will take off later in August and September. And the WCA2017America finals will happen in October this year, deciding who will have theirhands on the Grand Finals.

For more information of the WCA2017 Americas Qualifiers, check:

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