WCA and Gfinity Upgrade their Relationsto a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership
Issuing time:2018-03-09 15:53

World Cyber Arena(WCA), as the first eSportstournament organized by Chinese people, makes its name worldwide. Regardlessof whether in the scale of events or prize money, WCA always strives to buliditslef into a global eSports event with high standard and focuses on its core strategicorientation access to the international market. In the course of WCA2015 GrandFinal,WCA promotion filmwas shown on the massive video screen in New York City’s Times Square, whichkeeps people around the world informed of Chinese eSports.

In July of thisyear, with the global influence of WCA expanding, WCA held the Global E-sports ExecutiveSummit: Shanghai 2016, further establishing a profound partnership andcooperative relationship with many foreign partners.  

In October, Gfinityand WCA have signed the letter of intent for outgoing partnership.

Gfinity waslaunched as a company in early 2013 and plans were immediately set in motion todeliver events and user experiences unlike any that had been seen in EuropeaneSports before it.

It is a leading eSportsbusiness that provides a hub for a rapidly expanding global community whocompete against or view on-line competitors playing a range of multi-millionselling electronic games such as League of Legends, FIFA 2015, CS:GO and Callof Duty: Advanced Warfare. This website, gfinity.net,has recently undergone a substantial investment to enhance functionality, whichthe company believes will greatly enhance its reputation within the gamingcommunity and with publishers of the games.

As for thecooperation between Gfinity and WCA, Gfinity will be the exclusive partner ofWCA in the United Kingdom and the lead partner in Europe as well as assist WCAin developing a uniform strategy with existing partners. In addition, Gfinitywill assist WCA in developing their business outside of China and be a keyadvisor for business in North America and EMEA. Gfinity and WCA will look toinclude each other in potential Global partnerships with key brands, sponsorsand publishers.

Opportunities asidewith challenges, hope live with difficulties. In the future, it is believedthat the cooperation between Gfinity and WCA makes further effors to cement apartnership between the two companies in developing business interests that aremutually beneficial to each partner in territories where they have existingbusiness operations and in new markets.

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