WCA2017 oversea tournamnet -20170524
Issuing time:2018-02-28 12:51


                                                                                          May 24th

WCA2017 Overseas Tournament is Forthcoming

Under the great support ofour partners outside China and with the busy preparation for nearlyhalf a year, WCA2017 Overseas Tournament is about to begin in the second halfof the year. Besides American, Europe and Asia-Pacific, WCA2017 set up a newcompetition region in Middle East and North Africa with the aimto build an internationally famous e-Sports brand name by gathering more andmore e-Sports players to participate and experience in the top-classtournament.

After one year of cooperation, WCA hasestablished very good relationship with regional partners such as UCC (Europeand Asia-Pacific), ESME (Middle East and North Africa) and LNEe (Americas). Allof these partners are given full authority to operate the regional qualifiersunder the name of WCA. According to the local condition, they make the format, time and schedule ofthe regional tournament. Fully represent WCA, they are also doing tournamentmonetization on the local market in order to keep the sustainable developmentof tournament.

Besides of the Regional Qualifiers, nation-level qualifiers will be also held by the WCA’sAlliance Members. Each of them could get one special spot to directly obtainthe qualification of WCA2017 Grand Finals, if the national teams failed to geta spot in regional qualifiers.

WCA aims to create an Olympic  Games-equivalent for Global eSports on thebasis of the eSports Alliance. WCA calls for more nations to join this bigeSports family.

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