JD.com Becomes Title Sponsor of WCA2017 in China-20170426
Issuing time:2018-02-28 12:41

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                                                    April 26th

JD.com Becomes Title Sponsorof WCA2017 in China

WCAannounced JD.com become its title sponsor in WCA2017 China domestically on Apr.18th. JD.com, China’s largest domestic B2C E-commerce Platform, willenhance the strategic partnership with WCA in both e-commerce and eSportsfield. Both sides will jointly create a WCA featured section at game.JD.com topromote the online consumption of e-Sports peripheral products.

Accordingto Newzoo and Repucom which produce the most authoritative figures, it ispredicted that the worldwide income of e-Sports industry will reach 465 milliondollars in 2017 which is twice as such 194 million as in 2014. With a giant user group of 170 million, China has grown to bethe biggest eSports market in the world, which indicates eSports will boast avast market prospect. In such a good market environment, with an annual pageview of 1.7 billion in the year 2016, WCA always has confidence to believe thatconverting current users into real money is quite possible by choosing a properdistribution channel and absolutely game.JD.com is the ideal choice for mutualdevelopment.

WCAand JD.com ’s win-win cooperation also bring benefits to grass root players whostill have great eSports dreams. WCA2017 Platform Championship, operatedtogether with Douyu TV, Huya TV, Baidu Tieba has a perfect selection andcultivation system for excellent e-Sports players who stand out from thecompetitions. Top players will accept professional game training course at JDGaming Youth Camp and become a part of JD team to fight for good results inglobal tournament. Getting an infusion of fresh blood,a virtuous circle has been established and this circle will keep the ecologicalbalance of e-Sports industry which is the common aspiration for both WCA andJD.com.

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