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Issuing time:2018-02-28 12:29

After successfullyhosting WCA2016 Americas Qualifiers in the collaboration of World Cyber Arena(WCA) and National Electronic Sports League (LNEe), this year the two continuetheir partnership with LNEe wins the bid for WCA2017 Americas Qualifiers asWCA2017 Exclusive Americas Strategic Partner.

Both sides will expandtheir collaborations on aspects including tournament organizing, tournamentexecution, tournament brand image building and overseas tournament promotion.This year, the coverage and scale of Americas Qualifiers surpass 2016'sAmericas Qualifiers. It represents a major milestone of WCA marching into theinternational eSports Market.

LNEe Official Homepage: http://www.lnee.com.br/

LNEe (NationalElectronic Sports League), is a private association owned by the e-InvestmentsGroup Company, the owner CEO of the Group is Daniel Cossi. LNEe was the firste-Sports Association to be created in the American Continent. It is also thefirst Brazilian association to provide fully support to e-Sports as anInstitution and also providing graduation and formation to e-sports athletesand teams. With LNEe, Daniel Cossi created the Brazilian National Federale-Sports Law Project, and also 27 e-Sports State Law Projects (for each one ofthe 27 States in Brazil). Also LNEe has now more than 25 e-Sports TrainingCenters and more than 38 e-Sports Inclusive Centers.

During theGlobal E-Sports Executive Summit in July of 2016, Mr. Cossi has expressed hisintense interest to expand WCA's awareness to South Americas, and made WCA as2016 Rio Olympics' partner in August so more people in South America can hearthe name of World Cyber Arena.

Always lookingfor the leading e-sports companies around the World, LNEe has found the most valuablequalities in WCA, which as effectiveness, quality and state of the art e-sportsmanagement and entrepreneurship. In an interview between China CentralTelevision (CCTV) and Daniel Cossi, Mr. Cossi said that he was astonished bywhat was happening in China, that it has become the center of eSports in theworld and the whole world will notice what is happening here, especially whatWCA is doing.

WCA2017Americas Qualifiers has kicked off online, covering all regions in the Americascontinents, catered for all professional and non-professional eSports playersin Americas.

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